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Traditional Rice Wine Workshop


Sleeping in Hakka rice wine


Bring wine, for every Hakka, is not only feeling is great 'motherly love', homesickness, culture is the root of Hakka.


Wine is the culture of 5,000 years to crystallization of the people, how many men of letters to their praise, the wine is a culture, a spirit of Chinese civilization, regardless of dignitaries, ordinary people, wine endowed with 'communicative' mission.


Hakka rice wine, wine director of the public, with the same strain of 'Shaoxing Hua Diao' was very different. Hakka original customs, the guests arrived, brewed rice wine, drink. Hakka rice wine in the heart, as the highest cultural communication tools. As time passes, social progress, and now slowly leave the stage Hakka rice wine. Keep only the Hakka women after delivery of health care functions, completely lost, 'Hakka voice' status! Shaoxing Hua Diao rice wine to go with the Hakka is not the same road, Hua Diao wine is no longer, but the carrier of Zhejiang culture, whether it is commercial value, or cultural value, far beyond the 'rice wine' concept. However, as the city of Heyuan, Guangdong Hakka, Hakka rice wine just to stay in the 'rice wine', only to retain the 'health' function, to discard the original Hakka culture thousands of miles away, at most only as Heyuan specialty, only this only. Heyuan government is obliged to Hakka rice wine; once again raise the return to the Hakka civilization 'culture carriers.' And more to do to pass the identity of the emergence, through the wine carrier, to re-ignite the fire of Hakka culture present in Heyuan people drink alcohol? Drink liquor, drink wine, sad, Alas! Give up their own wine. Heyuan needs to bring the world the best gift the city ------ Hakka rice wine.


Sleeping in the wine business


Currently Hakka rice wine business, only to meet their business sales process, only in specialty shops all placed inside. Just a little more thinking about their own business in sales, and these companies were, only one of the few wine companies , only a few out of the headwater region, presented in the Pearl River Delta region. But also very unfortunately, these companies were just doing a warehouse transfer process was only done from their own warehouses converted into someone else's warehouse only. Some time ago, brand planning experts Fan Zhifeng went to Hakka cultural center ------ Heyuan. To see hundreds of specialty shops, shops which placed a number of Hakka rice wine. Sigh, each specialty store several enterprises wine put together. These wines do? Fight each other. KJY wine 50 / bottle, JHT on 48 yuan.


JHT Gift Pack 240 / box, GJL less your $ 10. You launch 1.5 l 30. I launch 1.3 l 28 yuan. Anyway, a stranger to buy a bottle, we look to see who is cheaper shopping.

This is why? Is not that a family of brothers and Heyuan, brothers of the family of the door tightly closed, fighting in their own homes, the final outcome just smashed all valuables at home.


Hakka rice wine business, it is time to wake you up. Think about it, everyone stands up to wine, culture and history back to the stage, out of Heyuan, out of the Hakka, the country, so that Hakka people to the World!


But very unfortunately, in Heyuan, more than 10 years, there are a few wine companies do? Have already done a quick line on the company for 10 years, the scale also stop at less than 50 million / month on a turnover, and, only stay in the boss's thinking himself, have motivated study of the heart, but no carry forward of the force. All kinds of flicker training, all participants came back his sigh, when training the spirit of excitement, come back at a loss (see Fan Zhifeng article details 'training class, you are credit card yet?' Why do not you enlarge the mind, the money used in the right places go? This time, Fan Zhifeng boldly suggested: Heyuan government is the time to come, to support the wine business, to create a Hakka 'wine town'! Fan Zhifeng careful analysis, the wine business if Heyuan government support, great occasion (for details see Fan Zhifeng article 'Hakka rice wine occasion to marketing.' Daily wine sales only available in Heyuan more than ten million, but does not include foreign markets.


Wine is a modern society is the political, business circles essential communication tool. In the next 10 years, the domestic wine market trend may show three kinds: White wine trend: the Maotai, Wuliangye represented; Wine trend: XO, Hennessy, Lafite (represented by red wine); Wine trend: Shaoxing Hua Diao, Hakka rice wine Hakka together in Heyuan, the wine Huadiao common ancestry with the clock, will have the opportunity to Shaoxing Hua Diao wine market in the trade-offs. General trend of the presentation of the drinking crowd, already beyond the geographical, drink Maotai, Wuliangye, XO, Hennessy, Lafite (red wine, Huadiao not stay long in the local, Heyuan rice wine in the next two years will also have the opportunity to join these among the ranks.


Beyond Huadiao, Heyuan to be 'Maotai Town'


Support for the 'rice wine', the government is imperative, Heyuan best preserved Hakka culture, good mountains, good water, good man. Heyuan can not be 'industrial' city, became the industry, Hakka culture will once again be 'sleeping'. 'Industry 'may in a short time be able to rise up the headwater of the economy, but will destroy the Heyuan, Dongguan, on the line to see.


Heyuan pattern, not just a geographical, but a 'wine of Hakka culture center,' potential match 'Maotai' town, because the Hakka culture over 1,000 years. Dongjiang water source, Hakka love, will brew never degraded nectar ----- Hakka rice culture.


Three-step occasion to challenge the Huadiao: The first step, an occasion wan green, build brand; The second step, the marketing of Hakka rice wine, to form a chain; The third step, roots Hakka rice wine, driving tourism economy Heyuan. Heyuan is not a tourist city; it should be Hakka cultural city, calling on the village is not, is the 'culture carriers' base. Heyuan is not only a few ‘wine’ business, but should have more than one hundred wine businesses. Walu is not only tourist destination, but the source of nectar Hakka. Industrial base will replace the wines, not because the environment, not degradation, wine carries culture, Hakka love with the Heyuan brought to the world. Maotai town through 'Maotai' to bring Renhuai, Heyuan will become the second 'Renhuai. 'As long as the government will vigorously support, present several wine companies will quickly grow to hundreds of wine businesses, Hakka culture, the carrier will also be transformed into a headwater characteristics of the economic carrier.