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How To Get There

Train Travel to Tulou Clusters

Fujian Tulou Clusters are largely scattered in the mountainous areas in Yongding County and Nanjing County. Yongding County has a small train station with a few daily passing by trains. At the time of my writing, the Nanjing County Train Station is still under construction.
If you would like to take a train to visit Tulou Cluster, you are advised to book your trains for Xiamen, Longyan, Fuhzou or Meizhou in Guangdong, then jump from these cities overland to the Tulou Clusters in Yongding or Nanjing.
The Passing by Trains stop at Yongding
Fuzhou - Shenzhen Train K638 8:01am at Yongding; Shenzhen - Fuzhou K636 04:48 at Yongding
Xiamen - Guangzhou East Train K298 22:53 at Yongding; Guangzou East - Xiamen Train 297 03:52 at Yongding
Xiamen - Kunming Train K230 22:25 at yongding; Kunming - Xiamen Train K232 2:50 at Yongding